Are you wanting your Catholic faith to be respected in counselling?


Melissa provides counselling that is not only committed to professional excellence but that also is in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church. As Catholics, when we experience difficulties in our life, we believe that God gives us the graces and strength that we need, which is why faith is respected and may be included in counselling if you desire.

Aspects of faith that may be taken into consideration include:

  • An Active Prayer Life
  • Graces from the Sacraments
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • God’s Will for Your Life

Together we can work towards fulfilling goals for your life that are pleasing to God and to you, and that respect your vocation or your family life.

Melissa Guzik is a Registered Psychologist who provides individual, couple, family, and group counselling to assist people with their struggles so they can experience more hope, joy, and peace in their lives. Her counselling office is located in Edmonton, Alberta.